How do I make a booking?

To book your makeup artist, simply go to our website, choose your destination city and your selected date and time. You will receive an email confirmation upon payment and our Client Relations team will get in touch with you shortly.


Can I choose the makeup artist?

Given that we are an on-demand service, we assign our previously curated makeup artists based on availability. So unfortunately, we cannot promise a certain makeup artist. But rest assured, all of our makeup artists have been carefully selected. We promise you that they’re friendly, reliable and will deliver great results!


Does the MakeupFairy appointment include hairdo?

Yes, every MakeupFairy appointment includes both makeup and hairdo.


Can I book a hairdo appointment only?

At the moment we only offer both makeup and hairdo as a package. However if we do receive many requests for hairdo-only appointment, we might just add the option later! 


How long in advance should I book?

We suggest you to book at least two weeks in advance to ensure that you get your preferred time. However, as much as we try to accommodate last minute bookings, we would appreciate if you can book at least three days in advance.


What if I'm outside the primary service area? Will there be a travel fee?

MakeupFairy delivers makeup artists and hair stylist straight to your door anywhere within the city. You deserve your glam-on-the-go whenever, wherever. We go the extra mile, literally, to deliver beauty to your front door even if it's outside MakeupFairy’s core service area.

We do charge a travel fee starting at $25 for a request that falls outside of our primary delivery area. Please do contact us if you are making a booking outside the primary city area. We will always inform you of the final travel fee upon confirming your appointment.


Okay, so I've booked my appointment. How long in advance will the makeup artist contact me?

We will try to assign your makeup artist as soon as possible. The makeup artist will contact you within a week before the appointment to discuss more about the meeting location and your preferred styles.


How should I prepare for my appointment?

For a makeup appointment, please make sure your face is completely clean and free of any makeup or mascara before the makeup artist arrives. 

If you have a hairdo appointment, and you’re looking for updos and dry styles, your hair should be clean and dry. We recommend washing your hair the night before your appointment to see the best results. If it is for a blowout, we recommend your hair is washed and damp before your hairstylist arrives. 

We ask that you have a place to sit near an electrical outlet and a flat surface so we can plug in our hairdryers and lay out our tools/products. 

Our beauty professionals will have products and tools with them, but please let them know if you have any allergies or specific concerns.

It is very important that you are ready for your MakeupFairy appointment on time.


Where will I get my makeup done? Can I do it at my place of choice?

Sure, you can do it anywhere within the city! Just let us where you’d like to get it done. However, if access to park at the the selected location requires extra fees (eg. parking fees, entrance fees), the fees will be borne by the client.


How long is the appointment?

Appointment length differs depending on the service, but it should generally finish within 2 hours. A makeup or hair appointment should not exceed 1.5 hours in length. If you have both a makeup and hair appointment, it should not take longer than 2 hours.


What if I'm running late?

If you’re running late, don’t worry. We allow a 15-minute grace period for you to arrive. If you are running late, please call or message us at +62811132790 (WhatsApp) so we can contact your hairstylist or makeup artist asap.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will still try to accommodate and try our best to finish your makeup and hair within the alotted time.


Can I reschedule my appointment?

If you have any changes in your schedule and need change your appointment, you can do so by contacting our Client Relations team with your name, the time of the original appointment and the desired change. 

We will always try our best to accommodate your request. Contact us as soon as possible and we'll see what we can do!


Can I cancel my appointment?

We don’t allow cancellations. However, we can keep the appointment on hold and you can reschedule your appointment to another city, date, and time!


Will my photos be shared?

We require all of our makeup artists and hairstylists to take pictures of their work to ensure quality consistency.

We love to feature our clients photos and our makeup artist’ works on our blog or social media channels. However, we do respect our clients' privacy. if you prefer to keep it private, please let us know and we'll make sure not to post it or will take it down for you.


Do you offer giftcards?

Yes! Please ask us about our E-Giftcard services, and we'll assist you with it shortly.


Can I book MakeupFairy for a commercial project?

For questions about commercial shoots, please contact us here with the details of your project. We will then get in touch with you to discuss more about it. We do have Fairies who specialize in commercial and editorial makeup and hair in some cities, we'd love to help you as much as we can.


Can I book MakeupFairy for my wedding makeup?

MakeupFairy is not set up to service wedding makeup, but we might add it if we get lots of requests for it. We'd love to do your bridesmaids' and guests' makeup though!

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